The Bugger Came In Third

I told Tom I do not have a polka-dot dress. He assured me I did not need one. What did we see before we even left the parking lot? A tall, amply built woman sashaying to the entry gate, wearing a broad-brimmed hat and a black & white polka-dot dress. Ah, well, no matter. Attending…
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“The Case For Bad Coffee,” By Keith Pandolfi

This morning, as I made my way to the kitchen for coffee, thumbing through my Facebook and yawning big, my friend Cindy Adams linked me to the essay, “The Case for Bad Coffee,” by Keith Pandolfi. This piece is a rich and sensual drift in nostalgia, steeped in story and grounded in real-time. Pandolfi took…
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I Told Them That Roof Would Fall Down!

  These prophetic words from Marv came true sometime this summer. Marv, cousin to the second-generation Hutmachers, remembers visiting Aunt Veronica and Uncle Frank’s house when he was a kid. He would not step inside the building, sure that the dirt roof would tumble down and crush them all. He was so certain, that he…
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Date Night: Page, North Dakota

It’s Saturday night in Page, and folks are lined up in the streets–because that’s how they park here–ready to take in a show.   We’ve been planning all week to get back to Page, where we know that every Saturday night the Page Cafe is serving all-you-can-eat bbq ribs (just $10.95). And they mean it,…
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The Girl Next Door

Her hula-hoop went round and round as we unpacked our hire car. She’s about my height but slender, although her true form was hidden under a shapeless, sleeveless knee-length dress. The hoop bounced off her tummy, her back, her sides, giving hints to the size of her waist and every now and then accentuating a…
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