Model Bakery, Linton, ND

When we marriedin our backyard under the apple treewe served our guests kuchen. My husband-to-be and I worked to perfect our recipe, finally (after many taste-tests) ending up with a thin, lightly sweet crust and a custard decorated with apricots and juneberries.


Serving up wedding kuchen, July 28, 2007.


This past weekend, on a new kuchen hunt, we visited the Model Bakery, owned and operated for 36 years by Mary and her husband. After making my way through racks of baking pans and various doughs, I met Mary in the back room, pressing out the kuchen and filling pie tins with custard and apple topping.


I caught Mary in the kitchen, ladling apple filling and pouring out kuchen custard, while her husband presses the crust. (So hard to resist poking some of that dough!)


A firm touch with the right hand and a gentle spin with the left.



It's not all sweet stuff at the Model Bakery.
Making our purchases (and drooling not a little).


According to the bakery clock, it was time for an afternoon snack. We made our purchase of cottage cheese kuchen and an apple blachinda (to share, because we’re not gluttons).

Our visit to the Model Bakery was deliberate. Mary will provide kuchen, caramel rolls, cinnamon rolls, apricot & cherry & lemon blachindas, and ham & kraut bierschkis for breakfast to all those who are registered for the 19th Annual Preservation North Dakota Historic Preservation Conference: Prairie Places Festival, to be held mostly in Wishek, ND, May 18-20, 2012. Hope to see you there!

We’ll save you something sweet.



Link to Model Bakery address:

Link to Preservation North Dakota conference registration site:

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