Farmers’ Market At Dike East Park

Last week I had to buy a cabbage.

Nobody made me buy it; I just wanted it and we had none left in the garden.

I revel in the seasons we enjoy, but I’m not good at saying goodbye to any of them. Light freezes, wilted roses, and cooking already with pumpkin are the gentle reminders that summer is out, autumn is here, and before long the snow will fall and stay.

Another reminder comes today from the Farmers’ Market at Dike East Park, here in Fargo, as they tell us there are only 7 market days left for the 2012 season. They tout a list of “squashes, potatoes, onions, jams, jellies, and more,” but the picture (see below) they posted looks like some of the sad photos I’ve seen of late on my friends’ Facebook page, where they’ve brought in the last bits of bounty.

Photo: Happy Monday! We just want to remind everyone that there are only 7 market days left for the 2012 season...stop down and stock up on squashes, potatoes, onions, jams, jellies and more! Pictured is the Week 18 Full Share from the Bill Erbes Farms CSA. If you're interested in becoming a member, send us a message or stop by our stand at the market.

Still, as we move into winter weather and bring out our heavy coats, I’ll think of these days earlier this summer when I made my first trips to Dike East market.

These folks were pawing through the corn just like I would have been if I weren’t taking their pictures!

So, really, HOW MANY carrots are enough?

Oh, the tomatoes and cucumbers! For a time I thought we’d never run out.

I brought this stalk of brussel sprouts home. How well I remember snapping off each head, and the marvelous taste of them steamed and then stirred into butter and sour cream and salt and pepper. What, that’s not how you eat them? You should!

And the glorious dill.

As I sit and write, wearing a thermal long-sleeved shirt and thinking about the root crops still to come in from the garden, I pine just a little for the season now past.


To stay current with what’s happening at the Farmers’ Market at Dike East Park, check out their Facebook page:



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  1. W. Jo

    What beautiful pictures..and yes, memories too.Our market here in N M had some wonderful corn this year. I found I can freeze it in the husk and then thaw it and cook it ..still in the husk, in the microwave. But they ran out about the time I discovered this.
    Keep the good stuff coming Suzzanne!

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