Pride Of Dakota Holiday Showcase

Last night I began my Christmas shopping foray. After dinner we put on comfy shoes and headed for the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase. Pride of Dakota is a place to shop local–sort of, if local counts a whole state. The event is located at the Fargo Civic Center, continuing today (9-5) and tomorrow (11-4).


Ticket prices are nominal–$2 to get in, but if you bring your own green bag, the entry fee is just $1. Your ticket price gets you a Pride of Dakota tote bag (which I managed to fill) and a Passport. Get your passport stamped at three locations by visiting the Auditorium, Centennial Hall, and the Lower Level, and you might win $250 in Pride of Dakota Bucks. I’m kind of counting on being the winner.



I managed to get to all of the shopping rooms, not just shopping, but visiting with some fine folks who have been busy preparing to share their wares. Here’s but a small sample of the offerings, and perhaps some clues to my shopping stops.

Beautiful quilted pieces (from potholders to wall hangings) at Material Things
Sweets for the sweet (and even the not-so-sweet) from Sweet Dreams Confections. True confessions: I have a neat little box of Divinity, Chocolate Walnut, and Chocolate Amaretto.
One of my favorite stops was with the ranching storyteller, Ryan Taylor. Here he displays painting prints by Elizabeth Taylor–you might not have known she was an artist, author, fiddle player, and trapper! Liz, as she was known by family and friends, painted images of remembered days–just the kind of paintings I spent years studying for my dissertation, Preserving an Era and a Place: Memory Painters of the Plains and Prairies. I’ll be visiting more with Ryan about his mama’s work.


Don’t forget to stop at Whittier Decoys of North Dakota for your “swim tested working spear fishing decoys.” One fellow I stood next to at this display was having the hardest time selecting from the many offerings. He had been–reportedly–back to the table three times to check out the carvings in the past two hours.


Elegant pens carved from wood and horn at LHS’s Crafts.